Trainer, Breathwork, Biomechanics, Animal Flow, Recovery Therapy and Life Coach.


Tyler specializes in Wim Hof Breath work and meditation, Animal Flow yoga, bio mechanics, personal training, Recovery Therapy and Life Coaching.


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Animal Flow

Breath work & Meditation

Based on the Wim Hof method, Tyler will lead you through a series of repetitive deep breathing that will oxygenate your blood. This technique combats anxiety, depression, and dis-ease. Tyler can also help you establish a meaningful meditation practice.

Animal Flow

Ground based movement fitness that is a mix between animal locomotion’s and yoga. Fun, artistic, and a great training skill to have that can be used anywhere.

FP Bio-Mechanics

Biological training based around the 3 main movements of humans: walking, running, and throwing. Correcting posture, breaking down fascia, and utilizing all planes of motion in order to move better in 3 dimensional space.

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