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Results are driven by knowledge AND experience. Anyone can claim to be a health coach, but years of education and practical experience are what bring long-term results.

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“I lost my first ovary at 19, so losing the second at 27 meant no kids, early onset menopause, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, and a lot of new tricky issues that are all tied to my endocrine system. I tried all the hormone replacement offerings on the market (estrogen creams, bio-identicals, birth control, IUD) with no success. At 33 things got REALLY weird and I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Carcinoid lung cancer and had to have most of my right lung removed. I have spent a lot of years seeking out consult from doctors, specialists, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners to help piece together what’s happening in my body. 

I met Kelsey through a referral and let me tell you…she knows her stuff. Kelsey analyzed my bloodwork and salvia panel from a new perspective, the body as a whole. She swiftly sent over a gut protocol recommendation and encouraged me to seek out a new medication for people with autoimmune/genetic issues. After only 4 weeks, I feel better than I have in years. I can’t wait to keep moving forward with her recommendations. 

If you are suffering from chronic illness or just looking for general wellness information, Kelsey is your resource. She is smart, kind, intuitive, and quick to respond to whatever your body needs.” 

-Katey B, 35


Marisa Reese, 25


“Kelsey is unbelievable at what she does.  She has an amazing reputation in her career so I chose to come to her when my body started having issues that nobody could figure out WHY! Kelsey solved it within a couple days y’all. She had a food sensitivity test and blood panel run and knew immediately what was wrong. I had an IUD put in (Mirena) 7 months prior to coming to Kelsey. In that time period with no diet or exercise change, I put on 40+ pounds. You can imagine the frustration. After drawing labs she told me I needed supplements for my thyroid due to hypothyroidism and hormones as well as to have the IUD removed because it was causing the reaction within my body! After a month with Kelsey I was down 18 pounds. After 2 months I was completely back to myself. I still take my supplements and haven’t had one issue with weight and am feeling better than ever. Thank you so much Kelsey!!”

“As an athlete I looked to Kelsey for nutritional counseling that would help me to improve. After hearing that I ate what I wanted and then adjusted my effort to offset the calories, she suggested that I had not outlived that program.  It may be the nicest way I have ever heard that I’m too old to eat whatever I want.  Kelsey shifted my nutrition to a higher protein intake, lower carbohydrate intake and less worry about fats.  This allowed me to transform my body to more muscle and less fat.  For my wife, she offered research suggesting inflammatory foods effect cognitive function of the brain.  All of this combined pushed our family to eat a more “paleo” diet.  We have been eating this way and both of us feel clearer in both body and thoughts.  The diet was never intended to heal my wife but it did allow me to perform at a higher level.  I compete in the modern pentathlon in the master’s category.  Since these changes I have been able to medal at the US National Championships and I also earned two silver medals from the Modern Pentathlon World Championships.  The nutritional program that Kelsey put in place for me was an integral part of my athletic performance.”

-Phillip W.

I am a 61 year old Pharmacist, 15 year breast cancer survivor, wife, mom and fitness lover.  I maintain a very busy schedule but would still say I ate fairly healthy.  I tell you this to emphasize the importance of optimal health screening to prevent the development of disease.  When I met with Kelsey I had digestive issues, fatigue and could just not lose the last 10-15 pounds despite exercising and eating healthy. 

Kelsey, the brains behind Pro Fit, has put in place the perfect plan for you to succeed.  The labs she makes available are the tool to help identify underlying causes of dysfunction and deficiencies.  She then creates a custom protocol using nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices and breaks it down in an easy to apply way.    

After just a few weeks I could tell a different in my energy and mood and after just 10 weeks I lost those stubborn pounds and my overall well being has greatly improved!

I submitted two photos, in the first I am “fit” by most standards for my age, but lacked the muscle tone I desired.

The second picture is after following Kelsey’s protocol for 6 months. In this time frame I was able to change my body composition by adding muscle and losing body fat!

I am happy to say that with this new found knowledge, I have been able to fulfill a dream of mine to become a Health Coach.  With Kelsey’s direction, I feel even more qualified to be able to guide others to a healthier future!  

If you are wanting to dig deep and get to the root of your everyday issues, start with Pro Fit Medicine!  I assure you it will be a profitable journey!

-Libby S

“Coming off of filming the Bachelorette, I was really struggling with getting adequate and restful sleep, and it was extremely affecting my performance in the weight room and life in general.  After seeking help from Kelsey and the Pro Fit team, my sleep and gym performance dramatically increased.  I was able to track my sleep through the Pro Fit app synced to my Apple watch and was actually able to watch the hours of restful sleep improve.  It was a complete night and day difference using their guidance and supplementation.  I owe it all to them!

-Garrett Powell, 28

You guys. I’m so shocked right now. I’ve been working with Kelsey on my nutrition, supplementation and hypothyroidism for about 2 or so months now. I was taking Synthroid on a regular basis, felt like crap every day even from taking my “prescription medication” and felt like that was my new, sluggish normal. I realized I needed a change so I scheduled a visit with my girl who I’ve worked with in the past. She has also done amazing things with nutrition and supplementation. I had blood work done, she put me on the Mito Diet, gave me some supplements to take and sent me on my merry way. I set up a regular check up with my physician this past Thursday and just received my results today. Everything. Is. Normal. Just over 5 months ago I had stopped taking my synthroid. And just over 2 months ago, I started this diet and supplementation. When I looked at my results I had tears in my eyes! It is unbelievable what you can do with natural supplements and a healthy diet and NOT big pharma. Kelsey is not only a hot mama, she’s intelligent as all get out and a life saver. I feel 100X better than i would have ever felt on “prescription medication”. My husband and I were also able to conceive our precious daughter after getting my thyroid and hormones in order. If you have issues with your health, have questions, feel run down and not yourself, GO SEE THIS GIRL!!!

-Brittany Swartz, 30

Before meeting with Kelsey I was always tired, not just physically, but mentally. I felt like I would wake up in a fog and had no desire to do anything. My favorite hobbies just became mundane and pointless. I really felt like I had no desire to do anything. I pride myself on my work ethic and for some reason I couldn’t get the energy to perform at my highest level and for anyone in sales, you know you have to be 100% all day everyday. I got to a point were I needed to figure out what was going on, because I thought it was all in my head. I got my blood work done and found out I have quite a few vitamin deficiencies (come to find out these deficiencies run in my family and I just never knew about them) that resulted in my testosterone being lower than what it should be at 24. First, having that information helped a ton because it wasn’t all in my head. Kelsey gave me a list vitamins and a nutrition guideline that have already helped in many areas. I’ve been consistent with it for about 2 weeks now and am getting my energy back to perform well at a job I love, no longer have a mental fog, and frankly I’m happier. I can’t wait to see where I will be three months from now. Thank you, Kelsey!

-Mason D. 26

My wife and I were struggling with several health such as fatigue, issues with recovery, digestive ailments and weight issues a few years ago. We asked Kelsey to help us because nothing seemed to help. With lab work  and food sensitivity testing as a basis and sound nutrition and supplements advice, we can never thank her enough. She put us on a healthy path, and our quality of life has been so much better. Thank you Kelsey!!

-Wes and Joy Samford

After having blood tests done for food allergies and vitamin deficiencies, we talked with Kelsey about how to use supplements and adjust our diet. My son, daughter, husband and I are all feeling better.  Both my son and daughter had unknown food sensitivities and my daughter discovered she was hypothyroid (confirmed by MD).  My son could tell a difference after only 4 days.  Kelsey is very thorough and is always a phone call away to answer questions and give advice!  

-Sharon Punzel, 50

“Where to begin? I’m a health care provider and considered myself pretty knowledgeable on diet and nutrition. But after interacting with Kelsey I kind of felt like I was back in school. Her expertise on the subject is spot on. I was blown away. My initial concerns were that of familial in nature. Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are common in my family.  My questions were answered immediately and then some. I definitely got more than I bargained for. The information may seem a little overwhelming at first but if slow down, breath and take in all the knowledge offered you’ll most definitely gain an enormous insight on what your body goes through and what it is capable of. Some, like myself, may consider that information priceless. Kelsey is intense, extremely passionate and very serious about what she provides. I trust her completely. After her analysis and the protocol she presented me with there is no reason I cant be 100% better. Her value to me priceless.”

-Brad Johnson

“As a Castille , I’ve always been physically active at least 3- 4 days a week, but no matter what I’ve struggled to lose weight.

After years of fighting the mid- day slump and struggling to lose weight, I finally reached out to a professional and expert in the field . Kelsey recommended a full blood panel to see what was happening with my body and it was so eye opening . “Kelsey was able to explain my results from the blood panel in detail and made sure I understood instead of just reading results off a piece of paper. She truly cared for me as a client and recommended various supplements and proper diet  to help my body function properly . It’s only been a month and it’s been life changing. I have ENERGY and no need for a mid day nap! I wake up feeling refreshed ! My body is finally changing as I’ve continued exercising- I can’t wait to see the continued progress . Thanks so much Kelsey!”

-Leah Castille