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With the purchase of the Pro Fit App you will have access to free workout database, nutrition tracker, specials on Pro Fit events, classes, challenges, services and supplements, exclusive content and MORE!

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Pro Fit Portal and App


Our user friendly portal and app makes accessing your workout program, communicating with our staff, journaling your food intake/workouts and accessing your weekly modules simple and convenient!

Below is our Pro Fit App Profile Page!  You will be able to interact with other members, track your activity & nutrition, rack up points, compete with other members and more!

Once logged into the app you will be able to connect your Apple Watch or other wearable device to track your heart rate and calories burned!

In the “Community” section you can interact with other members on the Portal and compete with each other!  You will also have access to exclusive content, tips/tricks and more!

In the “Challenge” area you will see current and future Pro Fit Challenges. Stay tuned for challenges and promos!

The Activity Calendar shows your steps, exercise (heart rate, calories burned etc.

In the schedule section you can see upcoming classes, seminars and events for Pro Fit.

The “Workouts” section has tons of exercise videos, programs created by our Pro Fit trainers and even create your own workout!

In the “Nutrition” section you are able to scan food labels, track your food intake and macros all with your coach having access to see your logs and provide feedback.

Here is the section where you can track your Macros:

As you work towards your goal you will be able to see your progress and track your body composition changes.

In the Pro Fit Supplement area you can easily purchase supplements quickly and easily.

The Pro Fit MD Portal is where Nutrition and HRT clients fill out intake forms, access lab results and Pro Fit Courses.  You must be a Pro Fit client to access this area.

Your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan will be easy to access and all in one place under the “plan” section.

On your Profile page you will be able to track your purchases, progress, activity, achievements and more all in one place!


You can rest assured that by choosing Pro Fit you are working with highly skilled, educated and experienced coaches who will go the extra mile to guarantee your success.


Each program is custom designed for your metabolism. You won’t see a plan list of the same foods to repeat each day here, we know those programs won’t last long term. We give you a protocol you can continue to use that won’t leave you feeling deprived or unhappy!


Our trainers are some of the best in the field! You can trust that trainers we suggest all have individual specialties and unique education backgrounds, and we give you the option to choose which trainer will work best for you based on your goals!


In our Pro Fit Forum we have created a Facebook-like community where you can chat and interact with other Pro Fit clients to encourage each other and share struggles, questions, tips and more! We will also have regular Facebook Lives for Q&A’s and more!


Utilizing our functional lab panels and premier genetic testing, we are able to give you insight in your metabolism, potential areas of improvement, and even preventative actions to help you stay healthy and encourage longevity.


With our client portal and Pro Fit App you will be able to access your nutrition, training and supplement protocols, chat with your coaches and trouble-shoot your program when necessary. These platforms also give you the ability to track your progress, journal, view and compare labs results and more!


We prioritize long term sustainability in our programs and because of that we created this 8 module course that deeply explains the ins and outs of nutrition, common myths, trouble shooting your metabolism, what to do if you hit a plateau and more! We want you to complete this challenge feeling empowered and in control of your metabolism.