What We Have to Offer

We have carefully put together our team of doctors, nutritionists, trainers, yoga instructors, functional medicine practitioners and health coaches to be able to provide the highest quality service and the most comprehensive plan on the market.

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Eat to Live!


Whether your goal is to learn how to eat healthier, lose weight, feed your family a balanced diet, compete competitively, create a diet that caters to your athletic goal, learn about food sensitivity diets such as gluten free or just learn how to eat for a long and healthy life we’ve got you covered!


Train to overcome


We are glad to help you choose a trainer based on your goals or personal preference! Each of the trainers in our network are highly educated and experienced. Whether you want to distance train virtually or are local to the Birmingham area, we are glad to help you find the right trainer for your goals!


Peace & Harmony


Based on the Wim Hof method, Tyler will lead you through a series of repetitive deep breathing that will oxygenate your blood. This technique combats anxiety, depression, and dis-ease. Tyler can also help you establish a meaningful meditation practice.


Feel Yourself


As we age our hormone production gradually decreases in both males and females. This can lead to mental effects like brain fog, depression, lack of drive and physical symptoms such as weight gain, changes in body competition, poor recovery from exercise, low energy, sexual dysfunction and more. At Pro Fit we have partnered with a nation-wide provider to refer you to, together we can create an individual and comprehensive plan that helps you return to optimal hormone levels. Optimizing hormone levels can also help increase longevity and help combat mental decline and experience better quality of life.



Nutrition Protocols are not “one size fits all“, what plan works for me may not work for you. What worked when you were 10 years longer may no longer be effective. Take control of your metabolism with our science based approach!

Personal Training

Maintaining a regular fitness program is vital to health and longevity. No matter what your goal, our trainers can build a plan personalized for you!

Trackable Progress

Running labs before and after implementing a protocol really drives home that your hard work is paying off and ultimately contributes to higher compliance.


You can trust that we will deliver the best customer service and protocol you can find on the market.